June 10 2017 – Sunday -“Queen could not have granted Theresa May permission to form a government last Friday [June 9]. Why? Because permission is only granted when the required number of seats to make up a majority is reached [326]. That number had not been reached last Friday” ~ Richard W. Symonds


“The Queen cannot refuse permission to form a government from Theresa May IF she had the required number of seats to make up a majority. Theresa May did NOT have the required number of seats on Friday June 9 2017. Therefore, the Queen could not have granted May permission to form a government last Friday”

~ Richard W. Symonds




Further Reflections by Richard W. Symonds (with Hat-Tip to Peter Crosskey)


01.45am – SUNDAY JUNE 11 2017

It would appear from the Cabinet Manual that the Queen can invite the incumbent Prime Minister to form a minority government, or a coalition [Page 17 Para 2.30]. The powers of such governments are limited by convention [Paras 2.27-2.29].

It would also appear that without an overall majority, governments need “…to command the confidence of the House of Commons…” before embarking on “new action” of a “long-term character” [eg Brexit].

Also, it seems the Queen does not need to concern herself about the size of anyone’s majority, or minority. The onus is on the new government to “…to command the confidence of the House of Commons…”

Theresa May does not have the confidence of her own party, still less the House of Commons.

So, it would appear Theresa May’s position is untenable, and I’d be surprised if she is at No 10 Downing Street on Monday – except to collect her belongings.


10.00am – SUNDAY JUNE 11 2017

“Managing the new Parliament: Some Challenges for Theresa May’s Minority Government” – The Constitution Unity – UCL [written June 9 2017][Hat-Tip: Peter Crosskey]


Midday – Sunday June 11 2017

As I see it, the only card left for the Tory Party to play is David Cameron. He resigned over the Referendum, but the political [and social/cultural] landscape of Britain has changed dramatically – and so has the mood of its people. It would come as no surprise to me if the likes of Lord Heseltine was knocking on Cameron’s door asking him to return as the Conservative Prime Minister. But would Cameron even answer the door – especially as he’s no longer an MP?


16.45 – Sunday June 11 2017

There must be a number of Tory ‘grandees’ spluttering in their sherry glasses in their London club at the moment. To say the Tory party is now in a complete mess would be serously understating their situation. I would go along with what Georgia Goodwin has said today:

“From my understanding, although I may be wrong, May cannot go into a coalition with DUP as it’s breaking the Good Friday Agreement by showing favouritism to one side of NI. Using DUP for an agreement to help her run the country was something I also thought should have been stopped due to the Good Friday Agreement.
Corbyn can, and is going to, meet with the Queen and ask for her permission for him to run a minority government because with it being hung, it means both parties can try….That said, the Queen CAN grant May permission to form a government, it would just be a minority government. The same thing JC is going for”


17.00 – Sunday June 11 2017

I sense we might be witnessing – and being part of – what might be called “The 2017 Revolution” [remember the book by Harrington & Young “The 1945 Revolution?]. Events might turn out to be even more dramatic than 1945. If there is any truth to the above, then it will be ‘We, the People’ who will be deciding the next General Election date – nobody else – probably before Autumn this year if there is a serious constitutional crisis.


20.00 – Sunday June 11 2017

It is difficult to interpret, but without any one party achieving an overall majority [326 seats], it seems the Queen will ultimately decide who will be invited to form a Minority Government – either Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

The Queen will act as final arbiter, asking herself one primary question:

Who will command the greatest confidence of the House of Commons – Mr Corbyn or Mrs May?

It’s the Queen’s call it seems to me.


22.00 – Sunday June 11 2017

My biggest fear is that Royal Prerogative(s) will be imposed – the kind which allowed ‘Bliar’ to go to war without Parliamentary approval etc. Most of the Prerogatives are democratic obscenities it seems to me – introduced and imposed especially if there is a People’s Revolution to stamp out.

Such Prerogatives seem to be implemented covertly, so the People only get wind of it when they can do nothing about it. It is extraordinary the lengths ‘Power Systems’ will go to undermine a burgeoning social movement, and silence the likes of Corbyn. I do hope the Establishment choose not to go down this dangerous, unpredictable path.


06.00am – Monday June 12 2017

Theresa May appears to be in psychological denial about political realities. She would be better advised by a Bunch of Psychiatrists than a Cabinet of Nobodies.

12.30pm – Monday June 12 2017

Another Election needs to be called sooner rather than later.


Because of the Brexit negotiations coming up, requiring  the stability to negotiate strongly with Europe.

Theresa May has proved weak and unstable, and is living as a ‘squatter’ at No 10 – soon to be evicted. She has no power to control. She has no mandate to govern. Her manifesto is cut to pieces. She has lost the confidence of her own party. She has lost the trust of an increasingly street-wise, intelligent electorate. Her possible deal with the DUP could also threaten national security.

Another Election is the only way out of a deep hole which Theresa May has dug for herself and her party.

Another election is the only way we, as a country and as a people, can avoid falling into that deep hole.


16.30 – Monday June 12 2017

Theresa May will be meeting with the powerful 1922 Committee in 30 minutes time.

Oh, how I would like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in that room!

Looking in my political crystal ball – which has had a nasty habit of letting me down over the years – I think May will find herself no longer Prime Minister this evening. In other words, she will be forced to resign. 

The Tory Party – and others – will do anything to ensure the Queen does not invite Corbyn to form a Minority Government.

The only way that can happen, as I see it, is for someone (Boris Johnson?) to be wheeled in to give the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament – without DUP conditions and with ‘Soft Brexit’ language.


20.00 – Monday June 12 2016

Looks like my crystal ball has let me down again – perhaps it was July 12!


06.00 – Tuesday June 13 2017

The immediate undermining of a possible democratic Socialist government – led by Corbyn – continues with a vengeance.

Peter Mandelson [Lord] and Alan Sugar [Baron] are just one of a number instantly wheeled-in to discredit Corbyn and silence the voices of ‘We, the People’ – especially young people.

Mandelson and Sugar – two very powerful men with powerful connections – have agendas which have little to do with what is best for this country.

Whether such people succeed in destroying hope will depend on us – ‘We, the People’.


“Who wrote this rubbish?” [Photo: Getty]














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    1. Why. What would that achieve. Seems to me the country is in a terrible. Isnt it about time we all tried to work out what is best , and work together. Even the labour MPs have always said is an idiot. But they are grateful that they are still in job thanks to a lot of young people with no experiance of life falling for Corbyns false promises.


  1. Theresa May is going against her own principles to support the will of the majority ( even the most ardent rem’oa’ner should demand an exit now to uphold democracy ) of the people, freedom, the right to choose our own destiny, enough people laid down their lives for us to have the freedom to vote, all these folk struggling to accept the will of the people need to bury their head i shame they are an affront to the free society those folk gave their lives for us to live in, may shame be upon them


  2. so your comments are contradictory and face both ways First the Queen couldn’t but second she could. It seems to me the queen can be used to keep the status quo when it suits because we have no written constitution and you all make it up using outdated laws and muddled law makers.


  3. What a leadoff rubbish these people come out with, There has been lots of cases with hung parliaments and deals been made etc throughout history. What do you want to do have no parliament and have a new election every two months


  4. This isn’t true though, she does not need a majority to form a government. The party with the largest number of seats can attempt to form a government. However, if they are defeated on an important vote, this can trigger a GE. The Queen still can give her permission, however.


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