June 14 2017 – “DUP-Tory talks are likely to be halted, as they appear ‘not in the national interest’…” – Richard W. Symonds

Credit: Metro

DUP-Tory talks are likely to be halted as they appear ‘not in the national interest’…and after interventions from former Conservative Prime Ministers David Cameron and Sir John Major, as well as former Conservative Chancellor Kenneth Clarke

The former Chancellor said today on the BBC that the government would “restore confidence in politics” if they could show that the current parliament can “function in presenting a view in the national interest”. In other words: “command the confidence of the House of Commons” [Cabinet Manual].

Kenneth Clarke also told the BBC that MP’s could be “induced to rise above short term tribal arguments” to achieve “consensus”.

Clarke, Cameron and Major are essentially telling May to immediately change her approach to Brexit – and other issues – or else.

Kenneth Clarke said today:

“You cannot carry out this negotiation on the basis that every aspect of it is going to be negotiated with the DUP to get their vote in support of it and then you are going to try to get the entire Conservative Party to agree with each other on whatever you have tried to negotiate”

Calling off talks with the DUP by Theresa May would appear to be a politically-wise act after the arrival of Sinn Fein in London yesterday.

 ~ Richard W. Symonds



11.17am (Wed)- DUP delay talks because…


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