June 21 2017 – “Royal Snub and Ritual Humiliation of Tory Prime Minister too painful to watch…almost” ~ Richard W. Symonds

https://www.thecanary.co/2017/06/21/queen-delivered-extraordinary-snub-theresa-may-last-time-happened-government-collapsed/ The Queen has delivered an extraordinary snub to Theresa May. Last time this happened, the government collapsed JUNE 21ST, … More

June 12 2017 – “Theresa May appears to be in psychological denial about political realities. She would be better advised by a Bunch of Psychiatrists than a Cabinet of Nobodies” ~ ‘The 2017 Revolution’ ~ Richard W. Symonds

  “The 2017 Revolution” Richard W. Symonds   Monday – June 12 2017 06.00   Theresa May appears to be … More

June 10 2017 – Sunday -“Queen could not have granted Theresa May permission to form a government last Friday [June 9]. Why? Because permission is only granted when the required number of seats to make up a majority is reached [326]. That number had not been reached last Friday” ~ Richard W. Symonds

“The Queen cannot refuse permission to form a government from Theresa May IF she had the required number of seats … More