June 12 2017 – “Peter Mandelson [Lord] was the Svengali of Blairite New Labour who is now actively plotting against Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. I wouldn’t trust this man – or his mates – as far as I could throw them” ~ Richard W. Symonds

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Peter Mandelson [Lord]

“It would be churlish for people like me…not to give her {Theresa May] political backing. There are Labour MPs who want to work in the national interest and will support her…Labour MPs who worry about the impact of the continuing Corbyn revolution…should be prepared to stand by the wounded PM”

~ Peter Mandelson – Thursday June 11 2017







Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4592272/Lord-Peter-Mandleson-urges-Labour-MPs-soft-Brexit.html#ixzz4jpXY0t5z
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