“As time goes by…….it never gets any easier living with the failure”

“As time goes by…….we forget how it was”

“As time goes by…….life becomes ever more dearer and death ever more nearer”

“As time goes by…….I am more at one with nature”

“As time goes by…….I become less tolerant of wasted time”

“As time goes by…….the giving and receiving of life’s unexpected little pleasures are not a waste of precious time”

“As time goes by…….I become more amazed at the weirdness of what is going on in
the world inside my head”

“As time goes by…the failures still haunt”

“As time goes by…be thankful”

“As time goes by…….let it be”

Emma Raducanu

Getty Images

“Oh Yeah!”

“As times goes by…….each day is a new start. The past has gone. The future is unknown. The present is now. Live, laugh and love”

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