August 14 2019 -“Ifield area under threat” – West Sussex Gazette – Letters [Richard Symonds + David Moon]

Dear Editor
Ifield Brook Meadows, Ifield Golf Club and Ifield Wood are the three special areas within the ancient Parish of Ifield under threat from a monster Consortium “protected under data protection rules” (‘Proposals for a massive new 10,000-home development’, WSG, Aug 7).
Part of Ifield Brook Meadows already has ‘Local Green Space’ [LGS] designation which benefits the local community – thanks to Crawley Borough Council (CBC).
It is hoped CBC will soon be able to upgrade the whole of this conservation area – including Ifield Mill and Millpond – to Local Nature Reserve [LNR] status.
Every Saturday until December there will be a Ramblette – a short walk to the special areas of this ancient Parish – starting from The Plough in Ifield Village at 11am and returning by 1pm.
All welcome. 
Yours sincerely
Richard Symonds and David Moon
‘Leave Ifield Parish In Peace”
c/o The Ifield Society
2 Lychgate Cottages
Ifield Street, Ifield Village
Crawley, West Sussex

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