Jan 19 2019 -“Celebrating The Ordinary” – Albert Einstein


Einstein’s quote about a calm and modest life instead of constant restlessness

Einstein was on a speaking tour in 1922. When in Tokyo, staying at the Imperial Hotel, a bellboy delivered a package to him. In lieu of a tip, Einstein wrote the words shown above on a piece of hotel stationery.
Einstein advised the bellboy to keep the note because some day its value will be more than a tip.
Almost a century later, Einstein was proven right when the bellboy’s nephew contacted a Jerusalem auction house to put the note up for sale recently. It sold for $1,560,000.
Einstein endorses the lifestyle of dull men. A calm and modest life. A life that avoids pressures to constantly to acquire and achieve more —”moreitis.”
This advice is free for us to use. We don’t need to pay $1.3 million.

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