December 24 2017 – Peter Hitchens’s Christmas Eve Message

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“I despise his party [Damian Green’s – Ed] and the Government of which he was a member…

“His [Lord Bramall’s – Ed] trained mind still blazes with fierce intelligence, and he has the courage to say what he really thinks. So next time some noisy pseudo-patriot parades the worn-out and untrue arguments for this gigantic waste of national resources [Trident – Ed], remember what our most distinguished military mind thinks. The truth is, he has dozens of allies among today’s senior officers of all services, but they are scared of stupid politicians.

“And so we come to that brief truce called Christmas. I still love it, despite everything…The Queen’s Christmas broadcast sometimes comes close to converting me to republicanism. I am stonily unmoved by John Lewis Yuletide filmlets. But each year I live, the idea that the creator of the universe appeared among us as a defenceless newborn baby demanding nothing from us but love grows more and more true and persuasive. 

“”Happy Christmas…”


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