August 15 2017 – “Petition to rebuild bridges in Ifield Brook Meadows delivered to Crawley Council” – Crawley News 24

Petition to re-build bridges in Ifield Brook Meadows delivered to Crawley Council

The Petition calls for the re-building of two wooden bridges in Ifield Brook Meadows, a space newly-designated by Crawley Borough Council as ‘Local Green Space’ for its 70th Anniversary.

According to Mr Symonds who organised the petition, the original bridges were dismantled by the Homes and Communities Agency 8 years ago (2009), thus preventing access to the most beautiful part of the Meadows – The Riverbank Walk.


A bridge similar to the one taken down 8 years ago.

The Ifield Society has been organising local community ‘Summer Ramblettes’, short walks, every Saturday to this ‘hidden gem’, with the last Ramblette being this Saturday (August 19th) from the Plough in Ifield Village at 12 Noon [to 1pm].

This Petition has also been organised so the two bridges can be re-built before the end of this year – the town’s 70th.

My Symonds then hopes more people in the local community can fully enjoy the newly-protected ‘Local Green Space’ of Ifield Brook Meadows – with its beautiful Riverbank Walk.

Ifield Councillor and Cabinet Member for Planning & Economic Development confirmed they had received the petition and also pledged to investigate and work with the local community to resolve the matter.


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