August 12 2017 – Brighton 0 Manchester City 2

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Falmer Stadium

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester City

BBC Match of the Day – August 12 2017



I’m at La Belle Angele at 6.15pm on August 15 and then Bannerman’s Bar at 4.15pm from August 16-25.

But, if I’m honest, right now most of my thoughts are centred around today, when Brighton play Man City in our first ever game in the Premier League. I spent Wednesday filming a performance of a poem (below)) for the pre-match TV buildup and commissioned a banner for proud display in our North Stand on Saturday. It celebrates our amazing achievement and honours the four members of our dedicated campaign team who didn’t make this glorious day.

Sure, playing Man City with a team who cost less than one of their full-backs can seem a bit daunting.

But compared to being second-bottom of the whole Football League and needing a draw at Hereford to avoid relegation to the Conference, knowing that whatever happens you’ll be playing your “home” games 70 miles away in a different county the following season is, putting it politely, a mere bagatelle.

That’s where we were 20 years ago, as this poem explains. Wish us luck, folks. Most pundits predict that we will finish bottom. We’ll see. Whatever happens, we have a story to tell.


With sheer determination

A vision fine and clear

We made the noise which brought the boys

From Hereford to here.

Mid 90s. The fightback began.

We met each Monday night.

We called for help to save our club.

He answered. Thanks, Dick Knight.

So many colours joined with ours

On Fans United Day

And then we drew at Hereford

And drank the night away.


A joyous celebration

Washed down by lakes of beer —

We made the noise which brought the boys

From Hereford to here.


Homeless. “Right, Brighton Council.

Find us somewhere to play.

‘Cos we’re the Seagulls Party now

And we’ll vote you away…”

Withdean. Bobby Zamora.

We really cut a dash.

He scored the goals which took us up —

I cheered and played the Clash.


With pride and dedication

And not a hint of fear

We made the noise which brought the boys

From Hereford to here.


To Falmer now, our final goal.

It took so bloomin’ long!

Petitions. Demonstrations.

A Top 20 hit song…

Our lovely Falmer Stadium.

The Board may not agree.

I’ve never had a credit card.

It’s still Falmer to me.


With hope and expectation

And yes, a little tear

We made the noise which brought the boys

From Hereford to here.


The fight is won. We’re fans again.

All cheering on our team.

A glorious end to twenty years.

Fulfilment of our dream.

The Albion in the Premier League —

And we’ve all played our part.

We’re more than corporate football, us.

We’re football’s beating heart.


This is our celebration

So have another beer —

We’ve made the noise and brought the boys

From Hereford

To here.


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