August 6 2017 – Sunday Vigil by the Ginkgo Tree at Tilgate Park in Crawley [12.30-12.35] to mark 72nd Anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

Today, Sunday, a Silent Vigil to mark the 72nd Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing took place by the Ginkgo Tree in Crawley’s Tilgate Park.

At the foot of the Ginkgo Tree in Tilgate Park

One of those participating was Laura Moffatt, MP for Crawley [1997-2010]

Laura Moffatt

After a Minute’s Silence, we walked down to the Peace Garden


And then walked round Tilgate Lake

Tilgate Lake

And returned to the Ginkgo Tree and its Plaque

img_9067 (3)


BACKGROUND INFORMATION [Truthdig] [ICAN] [Mayors for Peace] [Preparation for Silent Vigil + Crawley’s Nuclear History] [1962 Reception Centres. Daily Telegraph article]




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