July 29 2017 – “The Jersey Way”


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Frances Oldham QC


July 27, 2017 8:00 pm

Jersey Evening Post

Gary Burgess

The Jersey Way is a vast, deep-rooted beast, with the ability to make itself felt in the most obscure and murky places. It is a cancer which, even in an unspoken way, has the ability to blur the boundaries between right and wrong. It can make ordinarily good people turn a blind eye to bad things. It can forgive the drip-drip of improper process, become a tidal wave of wrongdoing before anybody’s actually realised there’s trouble brewing.

I wrote a fortnight ago about the need to keep up that early momentum.

The national interest in Jersey’s shame has moved on. Decades of abuse that dominated the local headlines for a week or so at the start of this month are already fading.



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Stuart Syvret

Stuart Syvret Interview – “A systemic decades-long betrayal of the innocents” – December 5 2007 [Retrieval from the Jersey Evening Post]


  1. Stuart Syvret on Twitter



2. https://richardwsymonds.wordpress.com/2017/07/29/july-29-2017-stuart-syvret-twitter/

  Jul 27 2017

 One brief example of the witness-testimony and evidence constructively-excluded by the Jersey   

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