June 25 2017 – Shelley: “Ye are many – they are few” – Paul Foot in Highgate – Shelley Fountain in Horsham – Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury

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The Shelley Fountain [dismantled 2016] – Photo: West Sussex County Times
When – or if – Jeremy Corbyn wins General Election II, Horsham may well live to regret being responsible for the Shelley Fountain disappearance.

This possible future Prime Minister read a poem by Shelley at Glastonbury, which provides the inscription in Highgate cemetery of Paul Foot – who was the driving force behind the appearance of the Shelley Fountain in Horsham.

Paul Foot [1937-2004] – Highgate Cemetery
I’m sure it hasn’t escaped the discerning reader that Corbyn’s Labour motto – “For The Many Not The Few” – alludes to Shelley’s poem – “Ye are many – they are few”…which can be re-translated – “You are 99%. They are 1%”.

Written By Richard W. Symonds



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