June 21 2017 – John Lennon [and Ben Shenton] on the critical need to tell the Truth…or else.

John Lennon

“Just Gimme Some Truth” – John Lennon

“We need leaders to be honest” – Ben Shenton  

THERE has been much disquiet over the amount that the government has spent getting advice on how ministers should handle international media when the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry publishes its report, including payment to a former Conservative Party spin doctor.

Given that Theresa May just ran an election campaign that was unbelievably terrible, no doubt on the advice of ‘Public Relations professionals’, perhaps The PR industry needs better PR itself.

Is a government that spends money on PR less honest? PR is merely manipulation or promotion, often through the use of evasion or misinformation….

My advice to politicians in respect of the [Jersey] care inquiry report – forget everything that the PR professionals have told you and just tell the truth.

~ Ben Shenton – Jersey Evening Post


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