June 16 2017 – What if it had been this Tower Block instead of the Grenfell House Tower Block?

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Sarah Breton Yet again this is another example of how when we have an inquiry into a very important issue, the powers that be want to control how the information is released.Given the highly dodgy way in which the investigation has been handled, mainly because of the actions of senior figures in the Jersey states – for example claims that those working in care homes at the time were dead, and yet BBC Panorama tracked them down to rural France without any difficulty ( see link for detail – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO4IME4g1kw.) , it seems very likely that we will NOT get the truth, but a carefully controlled version that will seek to divert blame to those who are either dead or beyond accountability. Because in all truth the powers don’t want their nice cosy off-shore haven for dodgy banking & arms deals upset, so when a big dirty secret raises its ugly head those in power are only concerned with making it go away. Of course, this means that the children who were abused and had their lives ruined are of no consequence in their eyes, and sadly they have been getting away with it for far too long, or do you think the Hillsborough scandle was just the result of a misunderstanding? Its only when there is a major change in attitude & approach (i.e, make the approach used in the final Hillsborough inquiry, namely the one that got to the truth the standard) that we will start to get real acountability. Sadly recent events confirm this, as shown by an interview on Newsnight last night with the lawer representing families of the Grenfell Tower fire victims, who pointed out that a Judge led Inquiry is mostly about controlling information and the end results, as the judge limits who is called, what questions are asked, and prevents families of victims from asking questions, and thus why Ms May was happy to annouce it because she know that it can be used to limit its ‘success’ in getting to the truth & it does NOT compel authorities to impliment any reccomendations of such inquirys.



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