June 5 2017 – Theresa May ‘savaged’ by former Counter-Terrorism Chief Jim Gamble

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Jim Gamble – Former Counter-Terrorism Chief


04/06/2017 20:53 – Huffington Post UK

“No matter how you cut it, no matter what spin you put on diversification of resource or doing things differently, there are 20,000 fewer police now than there were in 2010. That’s fewer eyes and ears on the street, fewer ‘bobbies’ building relationships, community confidence and critically creating that visible reassurance and deterrence that is key at times like this….What we don’t need now are more excuses.  For too long the blanket of austerity has excused all sorts of cuts…Education, social care, health and policing; the infrastructure upon which a fair and just society is built require investment and support. Front-line staff do not deserve to be demonized [and] demoralized, or suffer the endless cuts on the back of ‘you can do more with less’ rhetoric…Of course we have to face the reality of tighter financial times but we cannot continue to asset strip the critical services who in times of trouble make the real difference…Better we, who can, pay more tax for the things that matter than stand by applauding the actions of our public servants whilst some off duty visit food banks…It’s easy to say the right thing at the right time to the right audience [and offer] false promises”

– Jim Gamble [Former Counter-Terror Chief and Head of the Police National Child Protection Unit who was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal]


Former counter-terror chief Jim Gamble.

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