May 27 2017 – “Good for him”, says Noam Chomsky of Jeremy Corbyn, who has linked the UK Manchester Terror with the US-led War on Terror

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Noam Chomsky – Reuters


Noam Chomsky, Philosopher of Language and Political Analyst, has used just three words in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech yesterday, linking the UK Manchester Terror with the US War on Terror:

“Good for him”

The internationally-renowned intellectual  has already expressed his admiration and support for the Labour leader, strongly tipped to become Prime Minister in less than two weeks.

A few weeks ago, Chomsky passed through England briefly for a conference at the University of Reading – to deliver a lecture: “Racing for the precipice: Is the human experiment doomed?.

In an interview with the Guardian on May 10 2017, American-born Chomsky said:

“If I were a voter in Britain, I would vote for him. There are various reasons for that – partly an extremely hostile media, partly his own personal style which I happen to like…If he had a fair treatment from the media – that would make a big difference.
“The shift in the Labour party under Blair made it a pale image of the Conservatives which, given the nature of the policies and their very visible results, had very little appeal for good reasons….
“[Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change] Each of those is a major threat to survival, a threat that the human species has never faced before, and the third element of this pincer is that the socio-economic programmes, particularly in the last generation, but the political culture generally has undermined the one potential defence against these threats”. [The defence is] a functioning democratic society with engaged, informed citizens deliberating and reaching measures to deal with and overcome the threats”.

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