May 24 2017 – Another Tory U-Turn ? School Meals for Children + Crawley Observer Letter – Richard W. Symonds

Theresa May

Another Tory manifesto U-turn on the cards?

Budget allows just 7p per breakfast for school pupils

In a blunder on a par with Diane Abbott’s struggle to explain how Labour would pay for extra police officers, the Conservatives have apparently admitted they have no idea what it will cost to fund free school breakfasts.

The proposal features in the Tory manifesto unveiled by Theresa May last week, when free school dinners were scrapped.

But critics have noticed that the £60m budget for the measure allows for less than 7p per pupil per breakfast, the Independent reports.

This latest setback comes after the Prime Minister was forced to make an embarrassing climbdown over her ‘dementia tax’ plan.

Full story here


Dear Editor

So, a party-political manifesto states it will end free school dinners for all primary-aged children, except those who qualify for a mean-tested free dinner (“May’s school meals plan ‘to hit 900,000 poor children'”, The Observer, Sunday, May 21***).

If the political party in question is elected after June 8, are we to expect a repeat of a decision made 18 years ago [1999], here in West Sussex, in which the ruling political elite axed hot school meals to 60,000 primary-aged children, dismantled 242 school kitchens and made 550 dinner ladies redundant?

Richard W. Symonds

SCRAM Campaign for Hot School Meals and Playing Fields


Letter also published in West Sussex County Times May 25 2017


The Canary


Lib Dems


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