May 18 2017 – A Short Messsage from Linda Burnip [Disabled People Against Cuts DPAC] – in response to Theresa May’s Tory Manifesto

Linda Burnip – DPAG

The Tories have already trashed the lives of disabled people, women and young people and now they want to end the triple lock on pensions. They also refuse to rule out further cuts to disability benefits.

For the past 7 years disabled people have been treated as scapegoats for the rancid and vile Osborne austerity agenda. As a group of people we have endured cuts which have impacted on us 9 times more than others and for those with the highest support needs 19 times more. The UN has found the UK Tory government guilty of the grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights..

Your vote matters and you can change the outcome of this election. Vote against the Tories and for a government for the many not the few.

Make sure you’re registered to vote by May 22nd and vote by post or in person. Apply for a postal vote by May 23rd.
You can register here

~ Linda Burnip [DPAG]


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