October 8 2016 – Snippets of Truth – Chomsky, Nader & Jones

Free Speech Radio’s Ralph Nader Radio Hour Presents Dr. Noam Chomsky

DR. RALPH NADER:  “…I’ve always viewed you as a person, who confronts propaganda with fact…. when propaganda is institutionalized, it systematically obstructs the generation and distribution of factual knowledge, historical knowledge, contemporary events…So, let me ask you a few quick questions here.  Professor Chomsky, have you ever been invited to testify before the Congress?”

DR. NOAM CHOMSKY:  “Yes.  In 1970, Senator Fulbright, who was the head, if you recall, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was extremely disillusioned with the war in Vietnam, with the, a lot of government activities and so on.  And he was being sidelined.  And, despite the fact, that he’d been an influential and distinguished figure, sidelined because of his critical attitude.

“So, he turned his Senate Foreign Relations Committee into, kind of, a seminar.  And I was one of the people invited to testify.”

RHIAN E. JONES: “Secrecy and manipulation by governments, and the failure by the media to hold politicians and business interests  to account, will inevitably fuel suspicion and mistrust in an increasingly alienated and misrepresented public – as well as inspiring active opposition”

CHOMSKY: “The indoctrination is so deep that educated people think they are being objective”

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